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Published on January 10th, 2015 by John Sullivan in About

My name is John Sullivan and I am an undergraduate Electrical and Computer Engineering student at Northeastern University. I’m passionate about Digital Electronics, My friends, and Christianity. I live in Boston and firmly believe that it’s the greatest city on earth.

I’ve made this blog as a space to document my personal projects. While I’m pursuing a career in electronics, its also my main hobby. I’ve made a bunch of small projects with Arduino and LEDs. I’ve designed my own PCB and made some circuits with 7400 series logic ICs. I have many, many more ideas than what actually comes to fruition. I’ve wanted to make everything from blinking lights to my own version of a BeagleBone. This site also helps me keep on track and stay committed to my projects. I also love backpacking and mountain climbing, and nature in general. I’ve hiked a good amount of the Appalachian trail in New England and a lot of mountains in there area.

Here is my resume.

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